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Turtle earrings with Aqua Crystals

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These charming Sterling silver turtle stud earrings in turquoise and silver perfectly portray the gracefulness of this amphibian. The oval turtle shape of these earrings features a central turquoise shell encrusted with sparkling Swarovski crystals.

The beauty of the pair is accentuated with tiny head and limbs that further define the turtle design. The turtle represents protection from harm and the ability to survive. Turquoise color represents inner peace and wisdom, and clear crystals signify clarity of mind. Thus when you wear these earrings in your earlobes, the protective and tranquil influences keep you feeling safe, sane and centered all day through.

Beauty with Grace

This delicate pair of earrings is just the right size for regular day-to-day wear. The silver and turquoise color combination works with most outfits. For special occasions, you can combine it with a matching pendant from our collection. Wear these charming earrings to stay surrounded with an aura of protective wisdom all around you.



0.31 inch


0.35 inch


1 gram

Main Stone

Swarovski Crystals, Ocean Aquamarine Crystals

Main Stone Size

0.03 inch


Sterling Silver