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About Lorelei


My goal in this effort is to HAVE FUN and DO GOOD by giving back in many ways.  
By combining all passions within this journey I hope to bring smiles to many faces........ one gift at a time.
A WIN-WIN-WIN situation:
  1. The artisans and small businesses have increased exposure within many nautical communities.
  2. All nautical customers will have exposure to some amazing unique great quality products for anyone who loves the water......Salt or No Salt
  3. A portion of each sale is donated to organizations which promote clean water, therapeutic sailing and other good causes related to the water.








Loretta Talbot - Owner

.......I am addicted to being on the water and the freedom of sailing. I have been the captain of bareboat charter vacations for my friends and family for the past 15+ years. I was inspired many years ago on my very first sailing trip to the British Virgin Islands's. After being on the water for 7 days, I came back from that trip determined to do whatever it took to enjoy those trips for many years to come. Since then I have traveled to many amazing destinations throughout the US, Caribbean and European countries. I have motivated my friends to come along and see the world from a different lens......and we have met so many amazing people along the way.


I stepped foot on my first sailboat (27’ tartan) in the summer of 2000 and I was hooked.  Not with the sailing part – but with being on the water relaxing with no destination.

2005 was when I found my obsession.  I got invited to go on a bareboat charter vacation in the British Virgin Islands.  I agreed to the trip with no expectations, but after spending those 7 days/nights aboard one of the catamarans from Voyage Charters, I marched into their office and asked “What do I need to do in order to rent that same boat – by myself – same time next year?”  That was it – that was the beginning of my new passion. MY LOVE OF SAILING WAS BORN. 

That was the beginning of what got me to today

Over the years, I have fallen in love with anything and everything nautical.  Anchors were my favorite item….if it had an anchor on it – I had to have it.  Anything nautical!  It became a treasure hunt to find great quality products.

In Januray, 2021 – I was inspired by one of my dear friends who was brave enough to start a brand new venture by creating her own brand of vitamins.  


Lorelei Nautical Treasures was created from my obsession with ANCHORS and anything nautical.    - LOL -     And it has grown to incorporate the knowledge, connections and joy of my past 15-20 years of nautical life.

I have created this online nautical boutique because I am extremely passionate about this........ which features primarily handmade nautical gifts for women who are also passionate about anything related to the water - salt or no salt

I’ve put ALOT of thought into each of my products and only offer those that have the highest quality.  In addition, I am focused on promoting brand products which fall into the following FEEL GOOD categories:  Made in the USA, Nautical Artisans, Women Owned and Small business who are focused on doing the right thing by giving back. 

In addition, this process has evolved to inspire me to create and develop my own exclusive/custom products which I am extremely proud of sharing with all of you.


Together - we can help more people……

Together – we can make a greater impact.


Thanks in advance for your support.