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Sailboat Pendant - Small

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Blue Sea
Gold Vermeil

**CUSTOM & EXCLUSIVE for Lorelei Nautical Treasures**

  Brand NEW LoLa Pendant

Sterling Silver pendant with Gold Vermeil or Enamel inlay of a Sailboat  

Available in 5 different colors:     Gold Vermeil, Seafoam, Oxy, Light Blue and Pewter

Slogan embossed on the back:  “IT'S THE JOURNEY ITSELF THAT MATTERS”

Size:  3/4" Diameter


Bringing back the lost art of enameling, combining delicate colored glass hand painted and embossed over a sterling silver design, then forging them to 1,600 degrees, and finally hand polishing each piece, each LOLA pendant is one-of-a-kind just like the person who wears it.