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FREAKERS Bottle Covers - 4 pack

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This Nautical line of FREAKER bottle covers can only be found HERE

.....a modern twist on a koozie. 

4-Pack includes one of each Anchor, ShipWheel, Compass and Sailboat
We have partnered with FREAKER USA to create this CUSTOM PRODUCT for all the nautical bottles and cans out there.


I stretch to fit every beverage.  

Look snazzy while protecting your hands from hot and cold drinks.  

Use me to dress up a six pack or to gift a bottle of wine.

Made in the Freakin' USA!


About the Brand:

What started from remade sweater sleeves boomed into a condensation preventing empire, Freaker USA was the brainchild of a small group of friends and boomed into a nationally recognized gift sensation, catching the eye of ABC's Shark Tank.