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ANCHOR Pendant, Large - Oxy

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Sterling silver pendant with enamel inlay.

Slogan on the back of Anchor pendant:  "Don't give up the Ship"

Life’s roughest storms prove the strength of our anchors - Let this anchor keep you firmly in place. 

Size:  1-3/8" Diameter - This is a beautiful statement piece


Bringing back the lost art of enameling, combining delicate colored glass hand painted and embossed over a sterling silver design, then forging them to 1,600 degrees, and finally hand polishing each piece, each LOLA pendant is one-of-a-kind just like the person who wears it.

With meaningful symbols, the LOLA pendants also include inspirational words engraved into the back, further imbuing every individual piece with love.

People are moved to wear and share their LOLA pendants triggered by important and often unexpected events in life.  A Compass pendant given to a student starting college ..…when you wear LOLA you feel the love. Love one, love all.® 

LOLA pendants are often given as gifts, to bring courage, strength, hope, comfort and joy to family and friends who have overcome adversity or continue to be challenged. LOLA pendants are also given simply to express friendship, gratitude and love, and are cherished by those who wear them as a means to carry with them a feeling of great honor.

LOLA pendants are collected, and combined on necklaces or chains, as a way to layer not only the beautiful pendants themselves but as a way to share original stories and experiences.

Socially Responsible:  LOLA’s workplaces promote economic opportunities for women and men, workplaces that are healthy, safe and joyful. LOLA’s culture is one of creativity and empowerment, of global cooperation, and giving back with 5% of retail sales going directly to non-profit organizations benefitting children’s health, education and welfare.